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Supported By Brightening Air and the Arts Council of Ireland.

The Corner of
Scotsman’s Bay

A browser-based, interactive, online experience invites visitors to contemplate a layering and compression of time, space and place, as they explore a visual, art-based, interpretation of the former Dun Laoighaire baths. Through mixed media and photography, stories and memories from local people who grew up swimming in the baths, and an engaging interface we invite you to float backward and forward in time. Visitors to the physical space may engage in real-time, using their phones to layer a mixed reality (AR) animated illustration onto the site, which is currently under redevelopment.

Share your stories of swimming in Dun Laoighaire Baths or any saltwater baths in Ireland. We welcome stories from anyone with memories of the baths and we will weave them into the project as it expands.

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